What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is an approach to counseling that acknowledges the fact that children do most of their learning by playing.  Play is a language that all kids understand and can appreciate enough to learn from.  Play therapy takes problems, emotions and anxieties that a child may be facing and breaks them down into words and actions that are non-intimidating and easy for a child to understand.  Play is also a safe environment for kids to express what they are going through and can be quite beneficial in shedding light on children's behavior.

Is Play Therapy a good choice for us?

Nobody can absolutely say what is a good fit for you and your family without knowing your specific situation and goals.  I encourage you to learn about the wonderful and unique benefits play therapy to your child.  Please feel free to take advantage of the free consultation to see the office and learn about what services we can offer.  Email Amanda at skylarkcounseling@gmail.com to schedule your complimentary consultation.  Or if you prefer, visit the Association for Play Therapy's website at www.a4pt.org to learn more about what Play Therapy is all about. 

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is similar to play therapy in that it allows a non-intimidating avenue for expression and therapeutic work to be done.  Art Therapy is used with people of all ages, but especially with children in conjunction with play therapy.  At Skylark Counseling, I use painting, drawing with crayons, colored pencils, markers and chalk, work with clay or play-doh, and use of a variety of craft materials to work towards therapeutic goals.  We use art therapy as a technique or tool for establishing a relationship and working together on concerns that sometimes defy words.  For more information on Art Therapy and its benefits please contact me atskylarkcounseling@gmail.com or vist the Association for Art Therapy's website at www.arttherapy.org.